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Custom Design

Have you ever looked at your ring and thought I wish it had a more unique design? Have you ever dreamt up your ideal ring? We can restyle your current piece or create one along side of you from scratch! Susann's has designers in house who have won numerous awards for the designs. We hold all of our product to such a high standard and ensure that after seeing what we can do, you will to. Stop dreaming and start pursuing the reality of your imagination. We would love to help you bring life to your idea! We offer a FREE design consultation to discuss materials, the design itself, and to address any questions or comments you may have regarding the process.

Jewelry Repair

We have highly trained professionals with years of experience in store ready and willing to do any repair you may have. If you need a simple sizing or have run over your ring with a semi, we can fix it and make it look brand new. With a state of the art laser welder, we are able to repair and customize beyond the limitations of most stores. We will do a face to face analysis of your piece and discuss what needs to be done before we accept your repair, ensuring that you get the best service and highest quality in satisfaction.

Watch Repair

Even watches need a little TLC. Scratched up a crystal, watch band replacement or movement repair. Susann's has got you covered. We provide watch estimates before any repairs take place. We also do watch battery replacements.

FREE Check & Clean

It is recommended that you get your jewelry checked and cleaned every 6 months to maintain quality. We offer FREE checking and cleaning. The moment you bring in your pieces we will immediately evaluate any possible repairs. If no repairs are needed we go straight to cleaning! We will buff away scratches and use not only our ultrasonic cleaner but truly detail your jewelry. We not only want it to look like new, we want it to look better than new!


If you have a stretched or broken strand of pearls, bring them on into us. We can do all types of restringing. Before we restring we will clean each individual bead to ensure a polished and impressive finished look. If you happened to loose a pearl in the process no need to fret, we have years of experience matching pearls in both color and size to add to a strand to lengthen or replace lost beads. Even if you are considering mixing gemstones in with your beaded strand come talk to us about pearl enhancements or customizing your favorite beaded necklace.

Wish List

Drop the hint what you've really been wanting. We keep a file of wish lists in store for an occasion or holiday. Come on in and share a glass of wine with us as you fill out your wish list. We fully support playing dress up when it comes to jewelry. Everyone should get what they want, but sometimes the giver just doesn't know what to give. Help them out by setting up your wish list today. It can be updated at anytime!

Gemstone Identification

Have you looked at a piece of jewelry and wondered, "is this real" or "what stone is this"? At Susann's we can correctly and promptly identify what specific gemstone your mystery stone is. One of our gemologists will sit down with you and point at what makes it a real or synthetic stone. Stop wondering and let us do the leg work in informing you on your individualized question.

Gift Card

The second best thing to opening a diamond is opening a gift card for a diamond! When in doubt on what to get, look no further. Susann's offers gift cards for any denomination. Don't buy something you think they will "like", make sure you surprise them with something they will "LOVE"! Specific add-ons such as champagne or private appointments are to be discussed prior and arrangement of date and time is needed.

Gemstone Ordering

Susann's offers gemstone orders with 50% down upon ordering. We can match gemstones for custom earrings or locate rare stones for collectors. We've been in the trade long enough, that we have gained a vast directory of connections all around the world. This guarantees that we can track down nearly any stone available. If you want a Tanzanite from Tanzania or Tourmaline from Brazil, we've got you covered.

Private Appointments

A unique service we offer is private appointments. We dedicate our time and knowledge specific to you, making our service nearly as impeccable as our selection. We specialize in romance, so if you are looking to go above and beyond, why not reserve time to experience private shopping at its finest? Susann's has been home to numerous in store proposals during our private appointments. We can provide specific wines or champagne upon request. Susann's can even work with you to create your very own private proposal appointment. We will set up an entire case in our store with your specifications and "THE RING" you have bought. When she thinks you're just looking she'll then be shocked to find out the tremendous amount of time you put into making this memorable moment, truly one of a kind.


Jewelry Appraisals are a must have with any jewelry purchase. You should always get an appraisal when you purchase a new piece of diamond jewelry. An appraisal is necessary for you to ensure your new piece of diamond jewelry. Jewelry Appraisals are legal documents showing the items actually exist, for you, your family and your heirs.  A jewelry appraisal records detailed information -- a "fingerprint" plot diagram -- that will enable you to legally claim a ring recovered by the police or to find a ring of "comparable quality" if your ring is lost or stolen. A current appraisal will ensure that your ring has been insured for the correct amount. 

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